SpiritQuest-3SpiritQuest-2SpiritQuest-4When the water is so still it contains the entire world in its mirror and the water’s edge is its spine. Add the palate of a Canadian Autumn and beauty reigns supreme…. xo

The Good Boys.

The Good Boys- WEB-1 The Good Boys- WEB-2 The Good Boys- WEB-4 The Good Boys- WEB-5 The Good Boys- WEB-6 The Good Boys- WEB-8Culvert Music had me out to shoot brand new Toronto band ‘The Good Boys.’ Their sound is a throw back to the boy bands of the 60’s with lots of beautiful harmonies and traditional song writing. Have a listen HERE. And if you want more check them out live at the Soho House on October 21st where they will be giving a preview of ‘Teen Rock,’ their three volume, seven inch vinyl series. xo

Cali Travelogue Part One: Venice Beach

Cali-31Cali-15Cali-22Cali-19Cali-28Cali-13 Cali-16Cali-27Cali-23 Cali-26     Cali-24    Cali-30 Cali-14Shot on 35mm film. 

Ranch Babies.

S-S2013-ranch-2S-S2013-ranch-1  S-S2013-ranch-3Back home on the ranch in Davie, FLA where you swim your horse to beat the heat, have the teenage boys wrestle for evening entertainment and eleven-year-old girls can toss bales fifteen feet high.