Light Test w. Natalie Sirianni

NatRollei-1 NatRollei-2 NatRollei-3Take an ancient TLR Rolleiflex, some expired film and a willing muse and what do you get? Highly unexpected results. These low-key, painterly negatives have a ghostly, mysterious quality that I find engaging. I keep getting lost looking at the scant detail telling the viewer where a face should be, but is not. Get lost in the void.

Light Test w. Lara Kruzins.

Lara w. Rolleiflex Lara w. RolleiflexI took an ancient Rolleiflex TLR for a test run yesterday with the ever inspiring Lara Kruzins. There are scratches on the film from the roller that aren’t terribly professional looking, but they do add a bit of character.