Erika Abrahamian: Yogi Goddess

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Erika Edit-2She really and truly is though. A yogi goddess, I mean. Erika had me over to shoot her practice. As she gracefully moved into pose after pose I couldn’t suppress my exclamations of wonder. “How are you doing that?!” “What are you doing now?!” etc. However, there is a lot more going on here than the exquisite physical strength she displays. It is immediately apparent that Erika’s power source runs deep. Hers is a true exploration of self; the kind of yoga practice that grows its roots daily, is ever-evolving, and takes serious discipline. If you have the time I would urge you, dear reader, to read Erika’s poignant and insightful writings on her blog HERE. You will be inspired. Enjoy. xo

New Providence Travelogue Part One: The Scott Mansion

Nassau Mansion-19 Nassau Mansion-18



Nassau Mansion-16


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Suck Something Sweet / Who Run dis world / Girls Bitches

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Jungle ASS or get Blast

Nassau Mansion-15 Nassau Mansion-14 Nassau Mansion-13 Nassau Mansion-12 Nassau Mansion-11 Nassau Mansion-3 Nassau Mansion-8  There was an island wide black out on New Providence Island over the past two days and nights that led to the kind of human celebrating and real talk that can only be had when we are forced to survive without our cell phones or tablets, our coffee-makers, our stove tops, our lights, our refrigerators, our AC etc. With the BBQ fired up and many candles lit uninterrupted quality time was had by all. Of course the rum shack across the street runs on a generator all the time and, boy, was he doing a great business. In the eerie vibe we took an afternoon drive around the perimeter of the island and stumbled upon a glorious mansion that had all its windows shot out and was grown over like the Secret Garden. Of course I had to explore further. Crossing my fingers that it wasn’t a working drug den and a dude with a machine gun wouldn’t pop out of the shadows and start unloading rounds I gingerly stepped over the floor of broken glass in my flip flops and marvelled at the tattered wealth. It is old hat for artists to join elements of the sacred and the profane as a sure way to create something beautiful and this dilapidated mansion, an example of rotting wealth, was a prime example of such beauty. I hope you enjoy the exploration as much as I did. xo

Davie, FLA

I took a little detour from the hip madness of Art Basel Miami Beach in December and got a taste of some real Americana. All photos pictured here are 35mm black and white film. xo