Erika Abrahamian: Yogi Goddess

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Erika Edit-2She really and truly is though. A yogi goddess, I mean. Erika had me over to shoot her practice. As she gracefully moved into pose after pose I couldn’t suppress my exclamations of wonder. “How are you doing that?!” “What are you doing now?!” etc. However, there is a lot more going on here than the exquisite physical strength she displays. It is immediately apparent that Erika’s power source runs deep. Hers is a true exploration of self; the kind of yoga practice that grows its roots daily, is ever-evolving, and takes serious discipline. If you have the time I would urge you, dear reader, to read Erika’s poignant and insightful writings on her blog HERE. You will be inspired. Enjoy. xo

Hard Candy Fitness Hits Toronto.

HardCandy-1 HardCandy-7 HardCandy-8 HardCandy-14 HardCandy-34 HardCandy-37It’s not very often I get the opportunity to do interior shots so when Madonna’s new gym on Yonge Street, Hard Candy, called me up and requested my services I eagerly agreed. This place is a playground for big kids and somewhere to get seriously ripped. The trainers are smoking hot and the massive images of Madge littering the walls provide constant body sculpting inspiration. They have a largest spinning room in the city with stadium seating for better views. They also have men’s and women’s saunas and steam rooms; a luxury in the fast approaching Winter. All the equipment is brand new so go sign up quick so you can help break it in. x