Erika Abrahamian: Yogi Goddess

Erika Edit-1Erika Edit-4
Erika Edit-2She really and truly is though. A yogi goddess, I mean. Erika had me over to shoot her practice. As she gracefully moved into pose after pose I couldn’t suppress my exclamations of wonder. “How are you doing that?!” “What are you doing now?!” etc. However, there is a lot more going on here than the exquisite physical strength she displays. It is immediately apparent that Erika’s power source runs deep. Hers is a true exploration of self; the kind of yoga practice that grows its roots daily, is ever-evolving, and takes serious discipline. If you have the time I would urge you, dear reader, to read Erika’s poignant and insightful writings on her blog HERE. You will be inspired. Enjoy. xo

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