Talvi Faustmann


I am a big fan of this Canadian ingenue. She is all set to blow up. With a voice like a purring kitten and a calm, apathetic cool, whatever Talvi does next is sure to be a success that will add to Toronto’s growing reputation as one of the greatest cities in the world. I shot Talvi last Autumn at the Clint Roenisch Gallery just for fun to see what we would create together. The results were very classic, Parisian. Under the studio lights Talvi’s flawless skin reflected delicate highlights to my delight. She is a homegrown talent to be celebrated. Take a peek and have a listen below. xo >>>

Hair: Amber Fairlie // Make-Up: Jocelyn Santos

Talvi in Vogue Italia

Talvi Faustmann by Jennifer Toole for Vogue Italia

Talvi Faustmann by Jennifer Toole for Vogue Italia

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Photo: Jennifer Toole // Muse: Talvi Faustmann // Hair: Amber Fairlie // MUA: Jocelyn Santos

Shot at the Clint Roenisch Studio in Toronto, Canada.

TIFF14 Opening Night @ The Drake.


TIFF14 launched with a bang at The Drake Hotel this past Thursday night. They drew in throngs of model-esque hipsters with offers of free tattoos, free manicures and a live music line-up right on point with what’s hot right now. Choir! Choir! Choir! sang a selection of the most melodic pop records on the Top 40 list today in their big choral style. Twist, TOPS, Tasseomancy & Prince Innocence rocked the basement party. Upstairs Brendan Philip was followed by X Ambassadors who got the crowd pumping and are my new favourite band. The Toronto Star did a little write-up on the party featuring a couple of my pics. Take a read HERE. xo