ClaraKlien-1-2 ClaraKlienWeb3ClaraKlien-5ClaraKlienWeb2ClaraKlien-4 ClaraKlienWeb ClaraKlien-7 Introducing MTCK, a fresh musical act about to get ears pricked worldwide. I made an effort to capture lead singer Clara Klein’s ethereal, almost otherworldly vocal stylings in the low-key, moody blue visuals pictured here. Clara is backed by her partner in music and life, Marcus Truili. The talented pair are heading to L.A. in a few days to begin an artist residency at Agoura’s, playing there every other Saturday. Click through and have a listen. xo

Shot on location at the Drake Hotel.

Northbound Leather Models of the Month: The September Edition

NBL_Sept-20  NBL_Sept-21Click through to to see the full September fashion spread at Northbound Leather. We shot mega babe Jenny Burton and the chiselled Kenny Fuller in Northbound’s hottest new designs at Oasis Aqua Lounge. Things got wet and WILD. xo

Photography: Jennifer Toole // Make-Up: Bronwen Weiderick