Dark Horse Concert Series.

Dark Horse CR-4Dark Horse CR-7Virtuoso violinist Edwin Huizinga is breathing fresh air into the Toronto chapter of Classical Revolution with his Dark Horse Concert Series this month. Edwin is one of the original founders of the Classical Revolution project, which is dedicated to bringing the highest level of chamber music to non-traditional settings. As two of the four concerts in the Dark Horse Series are behind us I would encourage you to attend the remaining two. Over an expert espresso, a cold beer, or a glass of full-bodied red wine the audience can dissolve into a relaxed evening of music by some of Toronto’s most skilled musicians for free! Upcoming shows include October 28th at the Spadina location and October 29th at the Geary Avenue location. Both shows begin at 8PM. On deck are the entire cast of opera singers starring in Opera Atelier’s current production of Armide. Find out for details HERE.

Tyler Gledhill is a living, breathing embodiment of physical perfection akin to the standards of the Greek gods. Here he is dancing a piece he choreographed to Edwin’s passionate playing>>>


Pastel Supernova.


At the heart of Toronto’s cultural epicentre lies entertainer Pastel Supernova. In addition to being a gorgeous dancer Pastel has been the driving force behind the Love Letters Cabaret. Pastel is the artistic director and choreographer for the company that keeps downtown’s entertainment scene visceral, sexy, and ripe with human instinct. The company will be performing The Bacchanal at Lula Lounge on October 29th. The show is dinner theater set in a mythical place where magical forest creatures set a seductive spell in search of Dionysian ecstasy. Lose your inhibitions, enter an exotic and primal world where the celebration of Bacchus, the god of wine and reverie will give you a true interactive dance theater performance. Definitely not to be missed! Buy tickets HERE. Watch a little teaser of the show below>>>> xo

Photography: Jennifer Toole // Hair: Amber Fairlie @ The Manor Salon // Make-Up: Jocelyn Santos

Shot at The Clint Roenisch Gallery in Toronto.