Cali Travelogue Part Six: Hwy 1


hwy1-1 hwy1-2 hwy1-3  hwy1-5hwy1-6 hwy1-7 hwy1-8 hwy1-9 Photo: Edwin HuizingaDriving down Highway 1 from Big Sur to L.A. takes forever as one must stop and take in the ethereal scenic views at almost every turn. This series is from one day on that drive from about 5pm to sunset. We chased the sun until its last rays, ending up at the very top of a steep incline on a forbidden oil station. It was quite a climb but the view was more than worth the effort. xo

An Afternoon of Evening Hymns.


On a recent trip to the country we had the pleasure of being put up by the lovely Sylvie and gracious Jonas of the band “Evening Hymns.” Have a listen HERE. Their adorable pup, Charlie, was such a great model. Here’s a slice of our time. xo