Venice Beach Snapshots

Being lucky enough to call Venice Beach my home for for the past couple of months opened my eyes to another side of the idyllic landscape one encounters as a tourist. When the marine wall rolls in and covers the beach in its thick fog the place looks post-apocalyptic. There is a solid group of local characters who hit the strip every day carrying Christ’s cross (with the help of a wheel – cheating, no?), practicing energy healing, fishing, skating, flexing, training pigeons, collecting cans, sharing religion, selling reggae cds, selling flowers, and much, much more. It is first come, first serve and there is no fee to set up a booth on the Venice boardwalk and sell your wares as long as you are selling original artworks. This limitation creates an economy of creativity amongst the many homeless who live on the beach. It is not a bad life. Eclectic to be sure. Here is a little collection of snapshots I took on 35mm film during my stay. xo

Sterling Tower Graffiti.

SterlingGraffiti-5   SterlingGraffiti-11SterlingGraffiti-8SterlingGraffiti-6 SterlingGraffiti-3SterlingGraffiti-7  SterlingGraffiti-10  SterlingGraffiti-12 SterlingGraffiti-4SterlingGraffiti-13 SterlingGraffiti-14 SterlingGraffiti-16SterlingGraffiti-15  SterlingGraffiti-17Visualbass Photography had me out to shoot last Saturday night in the middle of the ice storm and we stumbled upon a collection of the illest graffiti I’ve ever seen in Toronto. The artistic tags littered the upper floors of the twelve story building on Sterling Road in the West end. In the pitch dark the spray painted stories really jumped out and grabbed me. If you recognize any of the artists’ work will you please email me names so I can credit them and delve further into their creation. Many thanks in advance. xo