Goddess Remix Project

Bia Remix by TooleXFathom
Pheme by TooleXFathom

We were bound to get up to some kind of collab this Summer what with all this time on our hands as we sat back and waited for the world to open up again. My fiancée is a very talented aerosol artist / graffiti king who writes ‘FATHOM’ all over the world, but especially all over Toronto. He was contacted by a woman over Instagram who was admiring his work on a walk in Roncey with her kids. She wanted a custom piece. One thing led to another and we all settled on a massive Fathom canvas with a Nike, Goddess of Victory ink transfer on top. The commission got our creative juices flowing. Soon canvas prints of Goddesses Bia and Pheme were glowing with Fathom’s touches of paint. The results delight me and I hope you too. They are all one of a kind. Should we do more? xo

Nike Remix by TooleXFathom

Sterling Tower Graffiti.

SterlingGraffiti-5   SterlingGraffiti-11SterlingGraffiti-8SterlingGraffiti-6 SterlingGraffiti-3SterlingGraffiti-7  SterlingGraffiti-10  SterlingGraffiti-12 SterlingGraffiti-4SterlingGraffiti-13 SterlingGraffiti-14 SterlingGraffiti-16SterlingGraffiti-15  SterlingGraffiti-17Visualbass Photography had me out to shoot last Saturday night in the middle of the ice storm and we stumbled upon a collection of the illest graffiti I’ve ever seen in Toronto. The artistic tags littered the upper floors of the twelve story building on Sterling Road in the West end. In the pitch dark the spray painted stories really jumped out and grabbed me. If you recognize any of the artists’ work will you please email me names so I can credit them and delve further into their creation. Many thanks in advance. xo