Magenta Foundation: Flash Forward Incubator Program

The Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Incubator Program takes high school art students and guides them through the process of creating a work to be exhibited and sold.

'Nature vs Nurture" by Piper Penman

‘Nature vs Nurture” by Piper Penman

This year the students completed photographic self-portraits with multimedia components in the theme of ‘Inside & Outside.’

'Architecture In Blue' by Harriet Chorney

‘Architecture In Blue’ by Harriet Chorney

It was such a pleasure to be a part of the process. I hope these photos to give you an idea of how special this program is.

'Home' by Peter Moule

‘Home’ by Peter Moule

Take a look at all the works HERE. They are being exhibited and auctioned off at the Twist Gallery in Toronto on July 30th. Pass by if you get the chance.

"Abroad" by Isaac Roberts

“Abroad” by Isaac Roberts                        

Special thanks to Jenny-Anne McCowan.

Photos by Jennifer Toole.