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The L.A. government has put a budget in place to assist and encourage its citizens to get rid of their water hungry lawns and replace them with drought tolerant California native plant gardens. Beautifully designed landscaping is no longer just for the wealthy with the average rebate running around $6,000. This has given the landscaping industry in the city a huge boost. Viola Gardens is one such company who had me out to shoot their magical Malibu Beach project. Nature of Things then gave me the opportunity to rebrand their business with a fresh logo, brand new custom website design, and of course all the photography also by yours truly. I love taking the heart of a brand and creating a simple yet elegant space for a business to thrive. Here’s to more rebranding opportunities coming across my desk in the near future! x

Viola Gardens.

33360PCH_SM-1433360PCH_SM-533360PCH_SM-233360PCH_SM-333360PCH_SM-833360PCH_SM-133360PCH_SM-1633360PCH_SM-733360PCH_SM-933360PCH_SM-15I had the pleasure of shooting this stellar, permaculture, drought-tolerant, landscape design by Viola Gardens at a Malibu Beach residence today. Viola introduced me to the design philosophy that is permaculture and I’m hooked. The most poetic permaculture lesson I learned was to keep a focus on the edges of things, as it is often in the space between, not in the things themselves, where new growth occurs.

Viola Gardens is growing fast! If you would like to help the business grow please write a review on Yelp or Houzz. xo