Evan Biddell Spring 2014 @ Toronto Fashion Week.

Following in the footsteps of virtually every creative professional developed in Toronto, fashion designer Evan Biddell is taking his brand to New York. Biddell jumped on the brain drain train with a vengeance showing an aggressive line of clothing at the Windsor Arms on Friday that was very obviously a big “FUCK YOU’ farewell to our fine city. Quite literally, there were big cartoon middle fingers decorating tits and gorgeous songstress Kreesha Turner‘s fine ass. The bubbly hand signage on all the clothes looked like a joke: an overtly sexual joke that conjured memories of Miley Cyrus masturbating with a foam sports mitten at the MTV Awards (a memory nobody should ever have to revisit). There was a delicate camo fabric shown that was very beautiful and the black and white paparazzi coats were bold, highly-covetable statement pieces. The addition of Cedric and Fritz of Azari and III added an element of showmanship that gave the show a vibrant energy. Add those beautiful boys to any mash-up tho and it will shine. Overall, I think we need to take back respect in this era of rebels without causes and continue to do our very best work. To make a mockery of the city that made you is very bad karma and just plain rude. But, major kudos to Turner’s bum in that white catsuit. For that, I will forgive and forget and look forward to what New York inspires in Mr. Biddell. x

3 thoughts on “Evan Biddell Spring 2014 @ Toronto Fashion Week.

  1. Was Biddell ever really “made,” even in TO? He’s got talent and some charm, but so does my skateboarding dog. He seems like a guy who skates by on hype while bailing on project after project. He’s got to be 30+ by now ie. well past the age where the brash posturing is cute sans accomplishments. Hard to imagine his ego surviving NYC, though it would be nice to see him add some actual grandeur to his delusions of being a fashion outlaw. (Whatever that means. Apparently, to him it means making costumes for his friends.)

  2. Made in TO???…try western Canada born and raised. Ev has always stayed true to who he is and was saying FU to the environmentally unfriendly business of fashion since his early days in Saskatoon, Fernie, and Victoria! He has dressed his friends and done 1 of a kind pieces for 15 years now. I will try to look past your insults, as you simply do not know my boy.
    I found this show to be extremely Biddell. TO did not make or break my son….going to NY will be just another adventure in his unusual life….and I treasure and still wear all the art pieces my son has given me over the past 15 years. I love that they are never “IN or OUT” of style….and will never lay to rest in a landfill!

    • He is wonderful and makes amazing things. Somehow we just ignore all our greatest talents- think about Jeremy Laing. I love Evan. I wear his clothes regularly and my first piece is just as great 6 years on as it was the day I had the privilege of buying it.

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