Moose Knuckle Canada F/W2013.

  c. Jennifer Toolec. Jennifer Toolec. Jennifer Toolec. Jennifer Toolec. Jennifer Toolec. Jennifer Toole c. Jennifer Toole c. Jennifer TooleThis December I had the pleasure of being invited up to the photo shoot for Moose Knuckles Canada F/W2013 catalogue. The shoot had a large crew of twenty-two people all nestled into The Serenity Lodge near Owen Sound. We proceeded to stage a takeover of Canada with jock straps, illegal rifle trade, beach storm tactics, rigorous training, naked grand standing, bucking broncos, jacuzzi karaoke and eighty new styles of Moose Knuckle jackets. The catalogue will soon be available and it is sure to be legendary (as Knuckle photo magician Dave Gillespie would say). In the meantime, here is a little taste of things to come shot on my newly acquired ancient Minolta while not entirely sober (understatement of the year). Enjoy!

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