The Goddess Array Book

11″ by 16.5″ paperback coffee table book featuring the full photo series of The Goddess Array each accompanied by a sonnet detailing the myth of each goddess. There is a perforated tear-out print of Nike Goddess of Victory in every copy numbered and signed. 90 pages. Limited edition of 62 copies.

Available now at

2 thoughts on “The Goddess Array Book

  1. DEAREST JEN 💗Awesome. Looking forward to my signed to me copy. 🥰 Could not access how to procure copies. I want to tell my friends. More signed copies! Christmas Is coming! What a great gift to give! I need access to ordering! You are an amazing angel and GODDESS! Biggest Congrats, Biggest Hugs, Much LOVE, INFINITELY GRATEFUL HEART! 🥰🌹🦄🌈 MJ

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