Diderot String Quartet.


This past Summer during the Carmel Bach Festival the four brilliant members of the Diderot Quartet had me out to take their photo. We embarked upon a jam-packed shooting schedule tightly woven into their heavy festival rehearsal schedule. We got the portraits in a makeshift outdoor studio during the late afternoon with available light. Thank goodness we got some sunshine in the usually quite foggy Carmel that day. The group then executed a beautiful performance, after which we piled into the car and headed out to a late night photo adventure at the notorious Dennis the Menace Playground. I was aiming to capture the group’s youthful spirit and raw talent. I wanted to create images that would aid these four trailblazers on their mission to bring chamber music of the highest quality to audiences across generations. Their next concert will take place at the King Manor Museum in Queens, NY on Dec. 4th where they will be playing Mozart and Haydn. For details and tickets please visit www.diderotquartet.com. Also, take a moment and have a listen below>>> xo

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