Rambling Reflections #1: Subglacial Melt

This is the first publication of a new series entitled ‘Rambling Reflections’ where I will set out to be delighted and inspired by some thing of beauty while I’m out for my daily walk. I will write about said discovery and then share my images and thoughts with you here in the hope of spreading some of my delight and inspiration. Here we go!

Be like water, they say. Continuously flow down the path of least resistance. When a large, seemingly impenetrable obstacle presents itself, slide right up to it, encounter it, wrap yourself right around its edges, and then leave it in your wake.

I was awestruck on my walk yesterday by a brave river of subglacial melt hurriedly and excitedly making its way to the lake, bubbling along beneath a thick layer of of ice. The warm rays of winter sun bring the earth below the ice to life first, giving cause to this phenomenon of pattern.

Maybe humans work in the same way. Perhaps we thaw from the the heart first before allowing our icy walls down in complete vulnerability. Perhaps this is a natural survival instinct. When our hearts get warm enough to shatter even the iciest of façades, the fully realized being emerges in love, just in time for Spring, not unlike the caterpillar’s transformation into butterfly. And just maybe, that special person you have been trying to get through to who seems to be as cold as ice, has already begun to thaw from the heart. Keep an eye out for the bubbling just beneath the surface. x

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