KANIA S/S2013: Behind the Scenes Video!!!

The KANIA S/S2013 photoshoot was a real adventure. Our team trekked out into the countryside of Quebec on a beautiful Summer’s day and turned it into the Tropics. Supermodel Herieth Paul was our scintillating muse as we shot until the sun set, blasting Rihanna from the SUV the whole day. Of course, after wrapping a great shoot, packing up and patting ourselves on the backs we loaded up into the car only to find that we had completely drained the car battery with the tunes. We were stranded in rural Quebec with a bunch of well-meaning country boys who didn’t know the first thing about a hybrid car’s insides. Thankfully, after some careful manual reading and tinkering we made it out alive, but just barely. Check out the video. We make it look easy.

Designer – Stacey Bafi-Yeboa at Kania
Photographer – Jennifer Toole
Styling – Stacey Bafi- Yeboa and Sophie Louise Rust
Model – Herieth Paul at Women
Makeup – Afia Agyeman

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