‘Blackout Rage’ Semi-Finalist at Blow-Up Arthouse Film Festival

Blow-Up Arthouse Film Fest has selected ‘Blackout Rage’ as a semi-finalist in the Experimental Film category! 

 Childhood trauma can be held in foggy, fragmented memories that are clouded by a need to survive. In an attempt to unravel an old, twisted torment I wrote it out as best I could recall, had three talented performers act it out while I shone light onto it and studied it closely through a lens. Now it is a short film, my first, out on the worldwide web free for public consumption and now receiving it’s fourth film festival nod. The entire process has been difficult but healing for me. Now it is outside of me, not just mine alone anymore, and I feel much better having shared it. Many thanks for the validation Blow-Up Arthouse Film Festival judges. 

You can watch the film HERE.

 Starring Celia Jade Green , Ethan Laniado & Pancho Bhogal. 

 Written, directed, shot and edited by me, 1st AD Jeanine Mackie, Sound Recording Reuban Ward, Glam Lucie Green & Amber Fairlie, Score @mfxtotheali @djfathom, Set Decorator Frida.J.Roe, Special thanks to Suneeva