Locke & Key S.3

After two long years of training I am now officially a member of the International Cinematographers Union! I was fortunate enough to be hired immediately after upgrading by the wonderful camera team at Locke & Key Season 3! Dreams really do come true if you are willing to sweat for them, have patience, and trust that the universe will give you exactly what you need. I am still pinching myself. It’s going to be a glorious Summer! xo

Chucky: Dark Windows

The upcoming TV show about everyone’s favourite murderous doll Chucky was my last placement as a Trainee for the International Cinematographers Union. It was educational and inspiring to see how it takes five puppeteers to bring Chucky to life and also how little CGI is used on him. He is truly terrifying! I asked Don Mancini, the creator of Chucky, the writer of the series and the director of the pilot, what his inspiration was in creating Chucky. I wondered if it was a childhood fear or experience. Don said his father worked creating advertising geared toward children so Don got an up close and personal education about how evil and manipulative children’s advertising is. Chucky was born as a metaphor for this evil. I was a bit disappointed because I am terrified of Chucky and wanted to believe in his spirit, but no, he is a product of the times. x