The Wooden Sky Vinyl Bike Tour


Toronto folkrock band The Wooden Sky celebrated the drop of their new album ‘Let’s Be Ready’ on vinyl with a bike tour around downtown Toronto yesterday. Loaded up with all their instruments on their backs the boys set out to play three short, live, acoustic sets at three of our city’s coolest record shops; Cabin Fever, Soundscapes and Kops on Bloor. A beautiful group of dedicated fans joined the band on bikes. The crew of travelling minstrels and their happy followers was surely a sight to remember. Safe city biking organization Cycle Toronto was along for the ride and keeping an eye out for everyone en route. Safely negotiating a left turn with forty bikes is no easy feat after all!  A strong feeling of community was in the air as the group navigated the hip west end city block. Quintessentially Torontonian in its essence, the Wooden Sky Bike Tour solidified the band’s holding as one of our city’s finest exports to share and celebrate. Be sure to have a listen. xo

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