The Good Boys.

The Good Boys- WEB-1 The Good Boys- WEB-2 The Good Boys- WEB-4 The Good Boys- WEB-5 The Good Boys- WEB-6 The Good Boys- WEB-8Culvert Music had me out to shoot brand new Toronto band ‘The Good Boys.’ Their sound is a throw back to the boy bands of the 60’s with lots of beautiful harmonies and traditional song writing. Have a listen HERE. And if you want more check them out live at the Soho House on October 21st where they will be giving a preview of ‘Teen Rock,’ their three volume, seven inch vinyl series. xo

Jason de Haan: Free and Easy Wanderer @ Clint Roenisch Gallery

Clint Roenisch executed another stellar opening last night, his second at the new space, featuring a collection by Canadian multi-disciplinary artist Jason de Haan. The space was vibrant as Toronto’s art scene elite interacted with Jason’s provocative works. The live tree dusting the ceiling wearing a gold ring on its top branch had people’s necks craned in wonder as did a chunk of million + year-old meteorite carved into a pointer finger stuck in the front wall. There was a mouldy old found sneaker atop a marble stand and a series of designer humidifiers with tortoise shell fossils and other terra matter placed upon them. The front room was decorated with a series of upside-down photographs of Jason reading ‘Moby Dick’ against horizons around the world. The show as a whole left me wondering about the relationship between natural and manmade things and how this can be more a beautiful, delicate and symbiotic harmony than we ever imagined. Well done gents. xo

TIFF14 Opening Night @ The Drake.


TIFF14 launched with a bang at The Drake Hotel this past Thursday night. They drew in throngs of model-esque hipsters with offers of free tattoos, free manicures and a live music line-up right on point with what’s hot right now. Choir! Choir! Choir! sang a selection of the most melodic pop records on the Top 40 list today in their big choral style. Twist, TOPS, Tasseomancy & Prince Innocence rocked the basement party. Upstairs Brendan Philip was followed by X Ambassadors who got the crowd pumping and are my new favourite band. The Toronto Star did a little write-up on the party featuring a couple of my pics. Take a read HERE. xo




‘The Humbling’ Premiere w. Al Pacino

Pacino-4Pacino-1Pacino-3 Pacino-2I was so lucky to have the chance to see Al Pacino’s new tragicomedy ‘The Humbling’ last night at the North American premiere in Toronto at The Elgin Theatre. The film is quite possibly Pacino’s best performance since Scarface. He plays an aging actor who loses his passion for his craft and his mind and sense of self along with it. Embarking upon a romance with his young and starstruck lesbian goddaughter (Greta Gerwig) things turn surreal, hilarious and heartbreakingly sad. ‘The Humbling’ is Barry Levinson’s adaptation of the Phillip Roth novel by the same name. It had me laughing and crying the whole way through. Check out the trailer below. xo

Cordova Lake II.

Cottage.Aug.14-1Cottage.Aug.14-4Cottage.Aug.14-2Cottage.Aug.14-3  If you’ve ever wondered about the quality difference between film and digital photography comparing this set of cottage pics to a recent post HERE is a good example. Neither format is better, they’re simply of different qualities. These photos were shot on an old SLR Minolta on 35mm. Which do you like better? xo

Ex-Wives of Rock: Season Three

c. Jennifer TooleEx-Wives of Rock_Season 3_Courtesy of Slice copy copy A couple weeks back in L.A. I had the pleasure of shooting Athena, Blue, Bobbie & Sharise, collectively the Ex-Wives of Rock, for the SLICE Network. We had a glamourous/hilarious time on set with these babes rocking out and posing up a storm. I am so stoked to have been a part of this project! It feels especially great to have broken my ‘studio shoot in L.A.’ cherry with such a bunch of hotties. Here’s to many more! Ex-Wives of Rock Season Three airs every Sunday at 8PM on SLICE. The Globe & Mail just published an article about the girls that’s a great and quick read. Take a look HERE. xo #EWR3Ex-Wives of Rock_Season 3_Courtesy of Slice_Team Shot