Northbound Leather April 2013.

I shot the ever lovely Pastel Supernova and her handsome dance partner Kwasi J. McKnight this past Thursday for Northbound’s monthly feature for April. Look out for the spread featuring brand new leather designs by Ciara Minden on April 1st on

Make-up & Hair by Bronwen Weiderick.

Milk Glass Co.

MilkGlass_19 The lovely curators of stellar art gallery/studio space/event venue Milk Glass Co. Char da Silva and Kelly Wray had me by their Dundas locale to shoot some art and interiors last week. It was my first foray into the world of shooting art works and it was a much more challenging task then I had imagined. Capturing the subtle nuances in paint textures and the exact colour tone in each piece was an exercise in perfection that I found to be quite satisfying when accomplished.


“Birthday Party” by Char de SIlva.

If you are ever in need of a space for your next photo shoot, event or art show keep Milk Glass Co. in mind. The location is great, the space is lovely and the owners are a delight.


BADBITCH2013 – Video Tease

My team and I shot a solid creative on Monday called BADBITCH2013. The shoot was inspired by all the talk of bad bitches on the radio lately. The boys seem to love them so. We dressed up our bad bitch Teisha from NEXT in six completely different looks with corn rows, and mohawks to boot by the ever talented Amber Fairie of The Manor Salon. Megan Ann WIlson, who has the baddest wardrobe of any bitch around, seamlessly pulled together six outfits that were at once sexy, fierce and intimidating. Make-up magician Bronwen Weiderick evolved Teisha from a baby-faced beauty into a full on threat throughout the day. And Asia V. mixed up a selection of cocktails to top each outfit off. We are shopping this unpublished editorial around. Inbox if you’d like to secure it for your publication. This video was my very first attempt in video editing so please forgive my beginner status. Enjoy!

Shot at Milk Glass Co. 

Kingpin Pin-Up Calendar: Ms. March

Ms.March_PG_FINALIntroducing the Vargas-inspired marvelous Ms. March! She’s up in the window at Cabaret Vintage if you’d like to take a closer look. The caption reads, “Believe me, cleaning this mess is the last thing on my mind.” If you’d like to see what’s behind that feather duster pick up a copy of the R-rated calendar this coming October. Great thanks to Kingpin Chic for styling, Bronwen Weiderick for her magical make-up and Amber Fairlie of The Manor Salon for those perfect victory rolls. And of course, to our exceptional model Lilly Victoria.

Photo by

Northbound Leather Casting Call.

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 2.13.23 PM

This past Saturday we had fifty incredible non-agency models come through Northbound Leather for the 2013 catalogue casting. Toronto has got to have the most untapped talent pool in the world. I cannot wait to shoot this thing! Check out the video for a behind the scenes peek.

Full Moon Over Fire.

FLA_HotMoonThis shot was taken in Davie, Florida underneath the brightest full moon I’ve ever seen. The licks of flame are from a massive fire we lit as we celebrated like the lunatics we certainly are. This photo is very representative of me as an Aries woman ruled by the fire and the moon. I hope it transfixes you as it did me. x

KANIA S/S2013: Behind the Scenes Video!!!

The KANIA S/S2013 photoshoot was a real adventure. Our team trekked out into the countryside of Quebec on a beautiful Summer’s day and turned it into the Tropics. Supermodel Herieth Paul was our scintillating muse as we shot until the sun set, blasting Rihanna from the SUV the whole day. Of course, after wrapping a great shoot, packing up and patting ourselves on the backs we loaded up into the car only to find that we had completely drained the car battery with the tunes. We were stranded in rural Quebec with a bunch of well-meaning country boys who didn’t know the first thing about a hybrid car’s insides. Thankfully, after some careful manual reading and tinkering we made it out alive, but just barely. Check out the video. We make it look easy.

Designer – Stacey Bafi-Yeboa at Kania
Photographer – Jennifer Toole
Styling – Stacey Bafi- Yeboa and Sophie Louise Rust
Model – Herieth Paul at Women
Makeup – Afia Agyeman