Kingpin Pin-Up Calendar: Ms. December

Ms.Dec._PG_FinalHere is Ms. December, our Vargas-style sultry pin-up, to get you in the mood for Christmas. The Saucy caption reads, “I really wanted a pony, but I’m sure you’ll do just fine.” Check out the real deal in the window of Cabaret/Kingpin Chic on Queen W. today! Oh, and the R rated version will be available in the 2014 calendar out next October.

Photography: Jennifer Toole // Styling: Kingpin Chic // Make-Up: Bronwen Weiderick // Hair:Amber @ The Manor Boutique Salon // Model: Ella Modella.

Dorothy in B&W.

Back by popular request we have more Dorothy for you! Dorothy is recent private boudoir client who has been so kind as to allow us a peek at her photo shoot with Jennifer Toole. Make-up by Bronwen Weiderick.

Hot Lights w. Dorothy.

A sensual excerpt from a private boudoir shoot shot last month at Visualbass Studios.

Photography: Jennifer Toole // Make-up: Bronwen Weiderick

The Esteem Project.

I shot The Esteem Project in an effort to capture an unadulterated beauty in the eyes of my favourite women. Here they are with no make-up, in natural light and void of any photoshop trickery. Bask!

Circa 2008.

Kingpin Pin-Up Calendar: Ms. November.

Ms. November was inspired by the gypsy seductress Carmen. The saucy caption reads, “They say they’re rolled on the thighs of virgins, but I can assure you it’s not true.” Take a walk by Kingpin/Cabaret Vintage on Queen W. for a closer look.

Photographer: Jennifer Toole // Stylist: Kingpin // Make-up & Grooming: Bronwen Weiderick // Hair: Amber @ Manor Salon // Model: Pastel Supernova

Shot on location at Cabaret

The Bull Series.

This series was shot on location at the five star rodeo in my hometown of Davie, Florida in 2008. The rodeo bulls have always fascinated me with their extraordinary strength and captivity-induced sorrow. They say it all with their eyes.

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